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I found a lot of teams get stuck focusing on the automation side of DevOps, how to do builds and deploys, sometimes they include testing automation. Whilst this is a great place to start, and automation is a key enabler, it is not the whole of DevOps.

Boomerang Flow is typically aimed at no-code to low-code users with a visually beautiful drag-and-drop workflow editor. In some scenarios, you may want to trigger one of these workflows from a developer focussed starting point, in this case, GitHub.

This would be useful if there is a business process with…

Kaniko and Tekton Tasks

Recently I was switching our build system from using Img to using Kaniko as the container build tool. Kaniko seemed to work a lot better with the restrictions in our internal environments and is actively maintained.

Where to begin?

Firstly I would suggest learning about Kaniko from some useful sources including the GitHub…

Boomerang Flow and Tekton

Recently, as part of work on version 3 of Boomerang Flow, we undertook a decision to migrate from Kubernetes Jobs to Tekton Tasks and TaskRuns.

As we stepped back and looked at the how and after many deep conversations late at night (thanks Marcus), we decided that it was also…

Why Boomerang Flow?

Boomerang Flow is a no-code event-driven cloud-native workflow automation tool and is an open-source project.

There are a number of tools that you can use to create a GitHub bot; GitHub Actions, Netlify, Heroku, or any functions hosting cloud, with various skill levels required.

The following will give you a…

Tekton Cancelled Task Status

This work is being done as part of my open-source contribution to Boomerang Flow, a low-code cloud-native workflow automation project.

The Fabric8 Java Kubernetes Client helps you integrate with Kubernetes and it has an extension for integrating with Tekton.

It makes building out Java code extremely easy, however, you still…

I am a Software Engineer at IBM enjoying the journey to a Cloud Native landscape.

Over the last 12 months my team and I have been on a push to contribute more to the Open Source communities and code in the open. Inevitably, I personally want to take some of…

This article is one I have been meaning to post since last year. In this time lots has changed, including oauth proxy given a fresh focus and maintained by Pusher and potentially moving to become a part of CNCF.

When starting out with Kubernetes and writing a few front-end and…

I am a Software Engineer at IBM enjoying the journey to a Cloud Native landscape.

When starting out with kubernetes we gave a lot of focus to the object definitions, deployment topology, and packaging. As our usage matured we started implementing policy objects and additional components to cover areas like…

I am a Software Engineer at IBM and this is another article on my, and my team’s, journey to a Cloud Native landscape.

Recently, we have been enhancing the CICD system that is a part of the IBM Automation Platform and the next phase was tackling the gate system.


Tyson Lawrie

A software engineer and automation enthusiast, made in Australia, Ex New Yorker.

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